Richard Keys, former Sky Sports host, has proposed a blueprint for Manchester United’s revival, starting with the dismissal of Erik ten Hag and appointing former Liverpool star Xabi Alonso as his successor.

Following United’s lackluster performance in a 1-0 defeat to Newcastle, Keys believes it’s time for Ten Hag to leave Old Trafford.

United’s struggles in both domestic and Champions League competitions have fueled calls for change, and Keys suggests that Alonso, known for his successful stint with Liverpool and coaching experience at Bayer Leverkusen, should be the chosen candidate.

Keys envisions a five-year guarantee for Alonso, akin to the stability Sir Alex Ferguson enjoyed, allowing him time to rebuild the team.

Keys emphasized the need for a fresh approach at United, acknowledging that the club can no longer rely on signing top players as they once did.

He sees Alonso as the coach who could instigate positive changes and revive the team’s fortunes.

While Bayer Leverkusen’s CEO has denied any release clause in Alonso’s contract, Keys believes United should approach Alonso with an enticing offer, signaling a new era for the club.

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