The collapse of the Super League marked a pivotal moment in football history, symbolizing fans reclaiming their beloved sport from indifferent owners.

Since then, particularly in England, any whispers of a potential Super League 2.0 have been swiftly shut down by these owners.

The prospect of alienating fans to such an extent poses too great a risk, especially considering its impact on their financial interests, which remain their primary focus.

However, financial expert Kieran Maguire, speaking to Football Insider, suggests that the so-called “sneaky six,” notably Liverpool and Manchester United, are merely biding their time.

According to Maguire, these clubs still harbor desires to join a revamped Super League but are cautious of the potential backlash.

Instead, they prefer to let other clubs take the lead in openly supporting the idea, intending to join later once the league gains momentum.

Maguire predicts a scenario where English clubs, initially hesitant, would later express a fear of missing out once the revamped league commences without them, sparking what he terms a “whisper campaign.”

He explains: “If the Super League significantly affects the value of UEFA’s rights, we’ll see a narrative emerge that clubs can’t afford to miss out, citing the involvement of Real Madrid and Barcelona.”

Notably, recent statements from Barcelona president Joan Laporta hinted at a coalition of clubs willing to participate in a revived Super League, with Real Madrid and Barcelona at the forefront, along with strong representation from Serie A clubs.

However, the absence of English clubs in this lineup raises doubts about the league’s potential success, highlighting a potential stalemate where both English clubs and the proposed Super League await each other’s move.

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