In a spirited exchange on Stick to Football, Roy Keane expressed disbelief at Ian Wright’s prediction that Everton would dominate Manchester United this weekend, emphasizing that issues at Goodison Park wouldn’t transform the team into Barcelona.

With Everton facing a 10-point deduction for financial rule violations, tensions are high, and the atmosphere at Goodison Park is expected to be charged when United visits.

Wright confidently backed Everton to secure a 3-1 or 3-0 victory, anticipating a strong response from the home crowd.

Keane, however, rejected the notion, stating, “The atmosphere won’t turn them into f*****g into Barcelona! It’s still the same players.”

He highlighted that Everton, despite the challenges, remains a formidable opponent at home.

Despite Wright’s insistence on a 3-2 victory for Everton, the two eventually settled on a 2-2 draw in their predictions.

Keane remained skeptical, emphasizing that Everton’s recent troubles wouldn’t magically elevate their performance to Barcelona’s level.

United’s manager, Erik ten Hag, acknowledged the challenges posed by the timing of the fixture but emphasized the need for his team to focus on their own game.

He acknowledged that Everton might draw motivation from their recent setbacks, but the weight of the problems could also work against them.

Ten Hag underscored the importance of maintaining a winning attitude and concentrating on their own performance.

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