The veil has been lifted on the two clubs instrumental in Everton’s points deduction saga.

The Premier League has dealt a significant blow to Everton, imposing a historic 10-point deduction for violating profit and sustainability rules.

This substantial penalty, the largest in Premier League history, has thrust Sean Dyche’s team into the dreaded relegation zone.

During a five-day hearing, Everton conceded its breach of the league’s Profitability and Sustainability Rules.

The Commission determined that Everton FC’s PSR Calculation resulted in a loss of £124.5m, surpassing the £105m threshold permitted under the PSRs.

Leeds United and Burnley played a pivotal role in triggering the investigation. A joint letter signed by Leeds chief executive Angus Kinnear and Burnley chairman Alan Pace prompted the inquiry.

The missive sought clarification on whether Everton’s losses of £371.8 million over the past three years breached financial fair play (FFP) rules, which allow for a maximum of £105 million in losses over a three-year period.

While the pandemic prompted adjustments to financial losses for clubs, Leeds and Burnley contended that Everton’s reported Covid-19 losses exceeded those of other clubs.

They urged the league to appoint an independent commission to scrutinize Everton’s records, leading to the Independent Commission overseeing Everton’s points deduction.

In response to the punishment, Everton expressed shock and disappointment, deeming the Commission’s ruling a disproportionate and unjust sporting sanction.

The club has promptly communicated its intent to appeal the decision to the Premier League, initiating an appeal process that will be heard by an Appeal Board appointed according to the league’s rules.


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