After indulging in a 12-hour tequila binge in Belfast, Marcus Rashford found himself embroiled in a tumultuous 3 am altercation with a French woman, culminating in a dramatic scene at their hotel.

Witnesses recounted chaotic scenes at the five-star Northern Ireland hotel as the Manchester United star ejected the brunette from their room, tossing her belongings into the corridor amid accusations of infidelity.

Reports suggest that Rashford’s companion, irate and fueled by suspicion, confronted him about an alleged encounter with another woman earlier at a nightclub, escalating into a heated exchange.

Shocked guests were stirred from their slumber by the woman’s impassioned outcries as Rashford’s security intervened, escorting her from the suite and barring her re-entry.

Interestingly, Rashford, known for his generous spending habits, was observed settling bills with cash from a duffel bag, adding to the intrigue of the incident.

Despite the tumultuous night, Rashford’s opulence continued, with a lavish £1,500-a-night suite at Belfast’s Fitzwilliam Hotel and a swift return to Manchester on a private jet at dawn, citing illness to skip morning training.

This altercation further confirms the end of Rashford’s relationship with Lucy Loi, his childhood sweetheart, dispelling any speculation of a reconciliation that surfaced in November.

Amidst the glitz and glamour, Rashford’s Belfast escapade unfolded into a tale of intrigue and drama, leaving lingering questions about the true nature of the star’s nocturnal adventures.

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