Collette Roche, the Chief Operating Officer of Manchester United, has assumed the role of Chair on the Board of Trustees for the Manchester United Foundation, the charitable arm of the football club.

The foundation’s mission is centered around using football to engage and inspire young people, fostering a better life for them and fostering unity in their communities.

Announced on the official club website, Roche takes over the position from the former chair, Richard Arnold, whose departure was publicly disclosed in mid-November but was officially concluded this week.

Roche, who became a member of the Foundation board in March 2019, was officially appointed as chair in July 2023, leading a board consisting of ten other trustees.

Reflecting on her professional growth since the COVID-19 pandemic in a 2021 interview with, Roche emphasized becoming “more reflective, supportive, and understanding” in her managerial role.

She highlighted her focus on the well-being of her teams, ensuring they have the flexibility and support needed for positivity and productivity.

Alongside Roche’s appointment, the Foundation welcomes three new board members: Christopher Saad, Monica Shafaq, and Lottie Birdsall-Strong.

Roche expressed her delight at their addition, emphasizing their combined experience as invaluable to the Foundation and looking forward to implementing their visions in the coming months.

Amidst recent activities leading up to Christmas, the Foundation has opened a “warm hub” located in the club’s restaurant, the Red Cafe.

This hub serves as a space for individuals to stay warm, engage in conversations, and enjoy hot drinks, and snacks, catering to those in need.

Despite the current challenges and negativity surrounding the club’s on-field performance, individuals like Roche work diligently behind the scenes to ensure that Manchester United fulfills its commitment to making a positive impact and aiding those in need.

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