Sergio Aguero sparked a debate by asserting that Cristiano Ronaldo’s goal-scoring prowess is merely a result of “pure luck,” as he outlined why Lionel Messi surpasses the Portuguese in this aspect.

Aguero’s Preference for Messi
Argentinian Deems Ronaldo’s Success as Luck
Attributes Ronaldo’s Goals to Goalkeeper Errors

WHAT UNFOLDED? Messi’s recent achievement of surpassing Ronaldo’s tally of 701 club goals in Europe, courtesy of a goal in Paris Saint-Germain’s 2-0 victory over Nice in Ligue 1, prompted Aguero to express his views.

In a live stream on Twitch, as reported by Medio Tiempo, Aguero scrutinized Ronaldo’s goal collection, suggesting that the Portuguese often benefits from a substantial amount of good fortune.

THEIR REMARKS: Aguero, firmly siding with fellow Argentine Messi, commented, “Look where he scores the goal from. Come on.

All free-kick goals and pure luck. Messi’s are all at the angle, stupid.

But what does [Ronaldo] do? Goalkeeper’s fault. I think Raul has better goals, [Karim] Benzema I think he has better ones.”

THE LARGER CONTEXT: Aguero and Messi share a notable off-field friendship, with Messi serving as the godfather to Aguero’s son, Benjamin.

It was widely believed that Aguero’s decision to join Barcelona in 2021 from Manchester City was influenced by the desire to share the dressing room with the legendary Messi.

However, Messi’s subsequent move to PSG during the same summer dashed Aguero’s aspirations.

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