The Premier League landscape faces potential upheaval as Everton bears the brunt of a 10-point deduction, the most severe penalty ever imposed on a club for financial fair play violations. Everton’s drop to 19th place with just four points, coupled with their intent to appeal, has raised concerns for Manchester City and Chelsea, both grappling with their own financial investigations.

The reigning Premier League champions, Manchester City, confront a staggering 115 alleged breaches of the league’s financial rules, while Chelsea may come under scrutiny for purported payments linked to former owner Roman Abramovich. The Everton verdict, criticized by legal expert Stefan Borson as harsh, sets a precedent that could have significant implications for City and Chelsea.

Borson, who has provided legal counsel to City, expressed his opinion on Twitter: “Without seeing the judgement/award -10 points for Everton feels harsh for a straightforward FFP [Financial Fair Play] breach to me. But reinforces that sanctions against City [if proven] and now Chelsea [if charged and admitted on the off-books payments] will be potentially relegation inducing.”

The severity of Everton’s punishment raises eyebrows, suggesting the Premier League’s intention to establish a firm precedent using Everton as a case study. This development heightens the anxiety for both Manchester City and Chelsea, given the potential gravity of their offenses. As Borson points out, relegation could be a looming consequence for these two English football giants.

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