Former Premier League goalkeeper David James has shed light on the challenges faced by Andre Onana at Manchester United, suggesting there might be underlying reasons for his struggles, particularly in European competitions.

Onana’s performances, contributing to the Red Devils’ exit from the Champions League knockout stages, have been inconsistent this season.

While he has conceded 21 goals in the Premier League, statistical analysis indicates he should have conceded 24 goals based on the shots he faced.

James acknowledges Onana’s exceptional ball distribution skills, surpassing many in the league, and questions whether the team is effectively leveraging this strength.

Drawing comparisons with David De Gea, James highlights Onana’s ability to initiate quick team movements, a crucial aspect of the modern game.

Expressing concerns about the goalkeeper coaching setup at Manchester United, James questions whether it adequately addresses Onana’s specific needs.

Despite the challenges, James believes Onana has the potential to prove his value to Manchester United over time, especially with the right coaching support.

Onana’s performance in the Premier League indicates improvement and serves as a notable upgrade over the club’s former goalkeeper David De Gea, who remained without a club since his summer release.

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