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Manchester United’s tumultuous season took a further downturn after their midweek defeat in Copenhagen, leaving them languishing at the bottom of their Champions League group. Erik ten Hag voiced his discontent with the decisions that have seemingly gone against his team, prompting Sky Sports to examine whether his claims hold water…

Erik ten Hag is asserting that “a plethora of decisions” has been working against Manchester United this season, following their calamitous loss to FC Copenhagen. But is he onto something?

The hotly debated Marcus Rashford red card undeniably shifted the tide of the game for Manchester United, who now find themselves occupying the cellar position in Champions League Group A, with just two matches left to play.

Ten Hag also raised concerns about the legitimacy of Copenhagen’s first two goals, implying that there’s a recurring trend this season where Manchester United feels hard done by in critical moments due to unfavorable decisions.

“Throughout the entire season, we’ve experienced numerous decisions that have gone against us,” lamented the Manchester United manager after his team’s ninth defeat in 17 games this season.”

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