Even though Benjamin Mendy’s days in the Premier League are behind him, the tales of his antics during his time at Man City continue to make headlines.

The controversial player faced serious allegations of sexual assault at his mansion but was ultimately acquitted of all charges by Chester Crown Court.

Now, OnlyFans model Ali-Rose has decided to share her account of what she describes as a “very peculiar encounter” with Mendy, reportedly occurring at Riyad Mahrez’s residence while he and his entire family were present.

By shedding light on the off-field activities of certain footballers, Ali-Rose has not only exposed herself to criticism but has also drawn attention to the leniency clubs seem to afford their players when they are not on official duty.

“I had no clue whose house I was walking into. Once inside, Mahrez’s entire family was there, along with Mendy, and everyone was intoxicated,” she recounted during an episode of the Reality Check podcast.

“I was clearly not dressed for a family gathering. Eventually, Mendy pulled me aside and initiated a conversation with me.”

It was during this interaction that Ali-Rose detailed her intimate encounter with Mendy.

“…I mean, I was having a good time, don’t get me wrong. I was intoxicated, fully engaged, but it was just a very odd experience,” she continued.

“He still reaches out to me to this day, inviting me to France, urging me to visit Paris.”

“There’s nothing in it for me. Even if there were financial incentives, I’m not interested nor do I need it.”

While Mendy is currently attempting to rebuild his personal and professional life in France, where he plays for Lorient, he likely prefers not to be reminded of the scandalous episode.

Unfortunately, Ali-Rose’s startling revelations are sure to keep the controversy alive.

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