In a controversial turn of events, Manchester United defender Diogo Dalot received a red card as the Red Devils secured a draw against Liverpool on Sunday.

Sky Sports commentators Gary Neville and Jamie Carragher expressed their astonishment at the decision, deeming Diogo Dalot’s two yellow cards for dissent, issued by Michael Oliver, as “harsh” – marking a Premier League first.

Neville questioned the rationale behind giving dissent twice, asking, “What does dissent twice even mean? How do you break up one rant into two bookings?” Carragher joined in, stating, “Has he given it for dissent twice? That seems incredibly harsh for me,” with Neville adding, “Well… is that even a red card?”

Despite being reduced to 10 men, Manchester United successfully held their ground, securing an impressive point against Liverpool.

The defensive efforts kept the likes of Mohamed Salah and Darwin Nunez at bay, showcasing resilience amid an injury crisis in their backline.

Dalot’s frustration escalated in the final moments of stoppage time when a throw-in decision went against him.

His protests to the referee, fueled by disappointment, resulted in two quick dissent bookings, a unique occurrence leading to his dismissal from the game – a first in Premier League history.

The incident unfolded as Dalot, putting in a tremendous effort, thwarted Salah’s attempt, forcing the ball out for a throw.

Disagreeing with the referee’s decision on the throw-in, Dalot’s emotional reaction earned him the first yellow card.

In the ensuing moments, his continued verbal objections resulted in a second caution, leading to a surprising and unprecedented red card.

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