Nottingham Forest’s manager, Nuno Espirito Santo, showered praise on his fellow countryman and Manchester United captain,

Bruno Fernandes, just as his team geared up for a potential upset against the Premier League giants.

In remarks reported by Mirror Online, Nuno Espirito Santo lauded Bruno Fernandes as “one of the best players in the Premier League,”

expressing admiration for his competitive spirit and emphasizing his role as the ultimate winner at Manchester United.

Despite assuming the captaincy for the Red Devils, Nuno believes Fernandes hasn’t received the credit he deserves.

Bruno Fernandes, a Crucial Figure at Manchester United

Bruno Fernandes has played a pivotal role for Manchester United, making significant contributions to a team facing challenges in replicating past glories.

While widely acknowledged for his skill, Fernandes’ playing style has sparked debates among fans and critics alike.

Fernandes’ Standing in Portugal

Nuno highlighted the respect and admiration Fernandes commands in Portugal, being not only an integral part of the national team but also a source of pride, particularly among the younger generation.

Nuno also acknowledged the success of other Portuguese players like Cristiano Ronaldo on the global stage.

Nuno Espirito Santo’s Challenge at Nottingham Forest

Since taking over from Steve Cooper as manager, Nuno faces the challenge of revitalizing Nottingham Forest, a team undergoing significant player signings and lacking a clear team structure.

His past successes, including his tenure with Wolves, provide hope for Forest’s future performances, and victories against formidable opponents like Manchester United will undoubtedly bolster his cause.

Nuno’s focus lies in improving the team’s defensive capabilities and establishing a balanced team composition.

His adeptness at implementing effective tactics, showcased during his time with Wolves, will be crucial for Forest’s performance in the Premier League.

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