In the realm of Manchester United’s leadership, pundit Alan Smith has carefully scrutinized the contenders for the captain’s armband, singling out one individual as the prime candidate for this esteemed role.

Harry Maguire assumed the captaincy merely five months after his groundbreaking transfer from Leicester City in 2019.

Handpicked by Ole Gunnar Solskjaer to succeed Ashley Young, who departed for Inter Milan mid-season, Maguire held this prestigious position until last summer.

However, following a season largely spent on the bench, Erik ten Hag made the bold decision to transfer the captain’s duties to Bruno Fernandes in July 2023.

Since then, Fernandes has faced his share of criticism, notably from club legend Roy Keane, who once expressed doubts about his suitability for the role.

Despite this, Smith firmly believes that Fernandes is the sole player within the squad equipped to carry out the responsibilities of captaincy.

In Smith’s assessment of Fernandes, he emphasizes the midfielder’s willingness to take charge in challenging moments, debunking the misconception that he lacks the necessary leadership qualities.

Despite occasional displays of frustration and vocal criticism towards teammates, Smith argues that Fernandes’ behavior stems from a deep-rooted desire to see the team succeed and progress.

He highlights Fernandes’ consistent presence on the field, his relentless drive to propel the team forward, and his unwavering determination to make a positive impact.

In essence, while Fernandes may display moments of frustration, his unwavering commitment to the team’s success and his ability to lead by example make him the standout choice for the captaincy.

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