Gary Neville

When questioned about the current best manager in the world, Gary Neville didn’t hesitate to share his opinion, choosing Jurgen Klopp without a moment’s pause.

Despite acknowledging the genius of Manchester City’s Pep Guardiola, Neville emphasized Klopp’s prowess, particularly in managing with a budget significantly less than Guardiola’s.

In an appearance on The Daily Ketchup Podcast, the Manchester United legend not only declared Klopp as the top manager but also expressed a hypothetical scenario where, given the chance, he would bring Klopp to Old Trafford.

Neville praised Guardiola but highlighted Klopp’s managerial skills and efficiency in working with financial constraints.

Neville’s admiration for Klopp stems from the Liverpool manager’s remarkable achievements, including leading the team to Premier League and Champions League triumphs.

Klopp’s successful tenure at Anfield, which began in 2015, has solidified his reputation as one of the most accomplished managers in the footballing world.

Interestingly, Erik ten Hag, the current manager of Manchester United, did not receive a mention in the discussion.

As the Red Devils grapple with a challenging start to the season, lying in sixth place in the league and facing difficulties in cup competitions, Neville’s preference for Klopp as an ideal manager for Manchester United stood out in the conversation.

The debate on the best manager in the world continues, with Klopp’s achievements and managerial style earning him high praise from figures like Gary Neville.

Who do you consider the best manager currently? Share your thoughts!


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