The Premier League’s decision to deduct ten points from Everton over financial fair play breaches has stirred discussions among football enthusiasts, with many pointing to the looming uncertainty around Manchester City’s own situation.

Everton, Liverpool’s Merseyside rivals, found themselves penalized with a ten-point deduction by the Premier League for violating financial fair play rules.

Initially, speculations hinted at a potential 12-point deduction, but the independent commission ultimately settled on ten points.

This outcome places Everton in the 19th position on the Premier League table, still marginally above Burnley, yet the result has pushed Sean Dyche’s side back into the relegation zone.

Criticism has been directed at the commission’s decision, deeming it overly severe. Fans have been quick to highlight the unresolved fate of the 115 charges brought against Manchester City, the current Premier League and European champions.

City vehemently deny any wrongdoing and continue to contest the legal battle, awaiting a final decision on whether they breached financial rules.

The perceived hypocrisy of the Premier League, delivering a significant penalty to Everton while leaving Manchester City unpunished thus far, has sparked dismay.

Pep Guardiola, City’s manager, has consistently defended the club against the accusations, stating, “I am the spokesman for this club… Every single word I said in all my press conferences is because I truly, truly believe it.”

Chelsea is also under scrutiny, facing a potential points deduction for deals conducted by Roman Abramovich during his ownership, which financially benefited the club but were not disclosed in the accounts.

If Everton’s punishment sets a precedent, Manchester City and Chelsea may find themselves in precarious positions.

However, the financial strength of these clubs could play a role in determining the extent of repercussions.

Everton joins the ranks of Portsmouth and Middlesbrough, becoming only the third side in Premier League history to receive a points deduction.

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