DERMOT’S INSIGHT: “The throw is initially unclear, but upon review, it favors United. Dalot’s reaction, however, is unacceptable, projecting a negative image globally.

Referees are mandated to address such behavior rigorously this season, leading to a surge in yellow cards for similar offenses.”

ANOTHER INCIDENT: In the first half at Anfield, Darwin Nunez received a yellow card for a challenge on Jonny Evans.

Protesting the decision, he appeared to sarcastically applaud the assistant referee, raising questions about potential double yellow cards.

DERMOT’S PERSPECTIVE: “This is a challenging situation, not an exact science.

Opting against two yellow cards for Dalot may be desired, but shortly after, calls for a yellow for Salah and three for Nunez arise.

Striking a balance is intricate, and in the current climate, the referee’s decision reflects the prescribed approach.

While United fans may demand Nunez’s dismissal, the referee made a different call.”

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