# After reaching an agreement with Borussia Dortmund to loan out Jadon Sancho, Manchester United likely breathed a sigh of relief. The departure of a player who had become a source of frustration for manager Erik ten Hag must have felt like a weight lifted off their shoulders.

Sancho’s relationship with ten Hag soured, leading to his exclusion from Manchester United’s squad and training sessions due to a refusal to reconcile. With such discord, one would expect the club to set a reasonable asking price for any potential permanent transfer, whether to Dortmund or elsewhere.

Reports from Football Insider suggest that Manchester United will seek a fee ranging from £40m to £50m for Sancho, a figure that may appear steep considering the decrease in his market value since his £73m transfer from Dortmund (as reported by Sky Sports).

The promising talent Sancho displayed at Dortmund seemed elusive during his tenure at Manchester United, raising questions about the hefty price tag.

His alleged issues with authority could further complicate matters for Manchester United in negotiating such a high fee.

While the club may cite Sancho’s youth—he is only 23—as a factor, they must also remain pragmatic if they genuinely wish to offload him from their roster.

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