Former Manchester United goalkeeper Ben Foster shared his assessment of Andre Onana’s performance in the 0-0 draw against Liverpool at Anfield.

Amidst the pressure on Erik ten Hag’s Manchester United side, the Red Devils managed to secure a well-deserved point at their rivals’ home ground.

Rasmus Hojlund had a notable chance to secure victory, representing United’s primary opportunity to score.

While United had moments in the second half that went uncapitalized, goalkeeper Andre Onana stood out with a commendable performance, making him a contender for the Man of the Match award.

However, Ben Foster, the ex-United goalkeeper, expressed dissatisfaction with Onana’s performance, particularly highlighting his handling of saves.

On his YouTube channel, Foster remarked, “I thought that chance in the second half from Salah, he (Onana) should have caught that effort.

I don’t think there was enough pace from Salah, or whoever it was, for him to push that effort out. Instead, I think he should just hold that ball and take the pressure off your defenders but he didn’t do that.”

Foster also raised concerns about Onana’s ability to collect crosses, echoing a historical issue faced by former United goalkeeper David De Gea.

Foster noted, “He is, at least, on the front foot when he tries and claims these crosses.

He wants to help the team and get involved, and he isn’t the best aerially and is almost trying to prove himself but he seems to be in no man’s land at the minute and he’s trying to push himself to do these things he’s not used to.”

While acknowledging Onana’s inconsistencies in European competitions, particularly in the Champions League against Galatasaray, Foster recognized the goalkeeper’s better adaptation to the demands of the Premier League.

Statistics from FBREF indicate that United, based on shots on target against them, were expected to concede 24.1 goals but have conceded only 21 goals in the Premier League.

Despite challenges, Onana has emerged as one of United’s standout signings in the current season.

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