When it comes to the biggest rivalry in the Premier League, opinions may vary, but for many neutrals, Liverpool vs Manchester United takes the spotlight.

Recent years have seen Liverpool’s dominance in this fierce clash, boasting six victories, three draws, and just one defeat in their last 10 encounters against the Red Devils.

Notably, impressive scorelines of 4-0, 5-0, and a remarkable 7-0 since October 2021 contribute to this run.

However, looking back to the inception of the Premier League in 1992, Manchester United maintains a significant lead in terms of league victories.

Out of 62 Premier League face-offs, United secured three points 29 times, while Liverpool managed 19 wins, with 14 matches ending in draws.

In the realm of titles, Manchester United is undisputed, clinching the Premier League trophy 13 times, a staggering 12 more than their rivals, Liverpool.

Interestingly, despite having 10 fewer wins in their head-to-head encounters, Liverpool has outscored United.

If we tally up the goals from the first 62 Premier League games between Liverpool and United, the aggregate stands at 84-81, favoring the men from Anfield.

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