The looming question is whether Erik ten Hag can weather the disappointing results that have seen Manchester United exit European competitions and slump in the Premier League.

Graham Potter
Imagine the scenario where United parts ways with Ten Hag, and the successor is the manager who faced a tumultuous tenure at Chelsea.

Potter, who had challenging circumstances at Stamford Bridge last season, needs to rebuild his standing for top managerial roles before being considered by elite clubs again.

However, the prospect of the United squad, known for their strong personalities, adapting to Potter’s coaching style appears distant.

Zinedine Zidane
The former Real Madrid coach, despite a two-year hiatus, expresses readiness for a comeback.

Zidane, with his unique aura and accomplishments, can choose from various job opportunities.

Persistent links with PSG and United may not hold much appeal for him at present.

Recent speculation has associated Zidane with Marseille, hinting at a potential managerial role if the club undergoes a takeover by Saudi investors, offering a substantial transfer budget.

United, in its current state, might struggle to provide the incentives that would attract Zidane.

Julen Lopetegui
With experience managing Real Madrid and a stint in the Premier League with Wolves, Lopetegui’s track record at big clubs has been mixed.

While his Wolves spell suggests competence as a caretaker, a permanent role might be a significant leap.

Despite his challenges, Lopetegui could be a cost-effective option compared to luring a manager from another ongoing position.

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